Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I'm going to retrack my previous statement about Chatroulette. Chatroulette is fun if you go in with a game plan, and you don't do it alone.

My secret weapon? Shticks. I think everyone needs to get a set of these, find a friend, and try Chatroulette that way.
Otherwise, don't do it!

Friday, March 12, 2010


People, don't do it. Don't get curious when your friends talk about it. Don't think of going to it because I'm talking about. If you have any self-esteem, just don't do it. Chatroulette is ridiculous.

My one buddy from school talked about it a lot, so I said sure, why not. Now remember I'm not the most attractive person in the world and I'm on the heavy side.

However, I'm now a "fat fag" because I refuse to show my tits on the internet.

I like penis, just to start this off. After visiting, I never want to see another penis ever again. Guys are just randomly beating their meat on their webcam.

I had a semi-meaningful conversation with one person, and it was a girl. We both thought the site was gross.

No, I will not randomly flash my boobs. However, I'll show these! (Photo from Wendy Usually Wanders) Now those are some nice breasts!

Thank you, Chatroulette, for giving me an experience I'm praying to God I will forget!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why can't life just be happy and peaceful?

Again, I'm a little upset. I hate being single. It makes me feel alone. My significant other is my escape from the world, and now my escape's gone. I recently found out that my racist ex-boyfriend (the one I broke up with Christmas day) is now dating a black girl. The most recent guy I've had sexual encounters with is a pathalogical liar and thinks he has muliple personality disorder. He doesn't, trust me. Why can't I just escape?

Well, here are some videos that will make everything better.
Megan's a Lesbian - This one is actually mine. My friend Ashley and I made this for our friend Megan. Megan hated us forever.
What to Call Your Vagina - This is a clip from The "L" Word, and it always makes me laugh. Alright so how did I so far get 2 lesbian references?