Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why can't life just be happy and peaceful?

Again, I'm a little upset. I hate being single. It makes me feel alone. My significant other is my escape from the world, and now my escape's gone. I recently found out that my racist ex-boyfriend (the one I broke up with Christmas day) is now dating a black girl. The most recent guy I've had sexual encounters with is a pathalogical liar and thinks he has muliple personality disorder. He doesn't, trust me. Why can't I just escape?

Well, here are some videos that will make everything better.
Megan's a Lesbian - This one is actually mine. My friend Ashley and I made this for our friend Megan. Megan hated us forever.
What to Call Your Vagina - This is a clip from The "L" Word, and it always makes me laugh. Alright so how did I so far get 2 lesbian references?

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