Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to School

So currently, the mission is to complete everything for my online class before it actually starts. It sounds crazy, I know, but I think it may just work. I mean, let's think about it.
1) It's an online class where we watch a lot of movie.
2) So while watching said movies I get to a) pack to go back b) go on the treadmill and c) craft! I'm actually watching one of the movies I have to watch right now, while writing this blog entry. Aren't I just awesome.
3) Writing the papers in between these times will also give me a reason to sit in from of the computer and actually work by brain.
So this is what I have learned about the topic of "Gay and Lesbian Film"
1) Dear God, don't let Paul Newman be gay. He's a beautiful creature. NOT HIM!

2) When I have kids, if they ever call my husband "Big Daddy", I will kill them.

3) The L Word was right. Everything they have ever said about the gay commumity is right. Well, from what I know.

Seriously, look that this man. Paul Newman is gorgeous! Think him and Robert Redford....mmmm.... it's like melting chocolate.

Alright, and for some new shop items!

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