Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear Bravo Cable Television Network

Dear Bravo Television Network,

Here is the reason why you are having problems. YOU'RE NOT ORIGINAL! Seriously, it's pissing the rest of America off. I'm sorry that you decided to not keep Project Runway and sold it to Lifetime television (seriously a big big mistake) but it's not ok to make another show just like it. Come on! Iman? Really? You are a huge copy cat.

Here are the shows you ripped off of:

America's Next Top Model (Make me a Supermodel)
Iron Chef (Top Chef)
Biggest Loser (Thinnervention)
Desperate Housewives (Every real housewives)
Project Runway (which was your show in the first place!)

Seriously, get original. I hate you. The only reason why I watch Bravo is because of America's Next Top Model reruns.

Love Always,

Gen Taylor

P.S. - Maybe you should hire me so I can help you out.

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