Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh yeah, and eat it

While I'm thinking about it, and am in a horrible mood, I hate it when people have the nerve to tell me what I can and can't post on the Internet.  I don't post horrible rape scenes or nude photos.  I post things that mean something to me.  I post things that inspire me.  I post things so I don't forget something I saw.  I don't post things to piss people off.  If you don't like what I do, then don't follow me.

I've learned this a long time ago.  I have a friend who I love dearly.  She has a habit of tweeting about things that are not among my interests at times that never seemed appropriate for me. I also followed her on my phone. I would be have an intimate moment, and my phone would go off.  I'd be in the middle of an argument, and my phone would go off.  I was trying to sleep, and my phone would go off.  I hold no ill will towards this friend, however, I was getting so irritated by these tweets.  Instead of getting mad about it, I chose to no longer follow her on my phone.  I still follow her on Twitter. 

I see no harm in this.  I'm also not a good person.  So now that I got that bit of my chest, I feel like I can use the Internet more freely now. 

Also, here is a picture of me being lonely.  BTW, I just a good chunk of my hair off.  Enjoy!

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