Thursday, September 16, 2010


Thank you, thank you very much. It's pretty bad when you blog to yourself. Teehee!

I'm attempting to get more followers so I can start up a page about the cool things I find on Etsy, so bring your friends over!

Also, after graduating from college, I finally got my first job interview...... at A.C. Moore. I know, it's not helpful, but it is at the same time!

And for the shop item I am promoting this week...... drum roll please....... my Ribbon Slouchy hat!!!!!


  1. Cute hat! I blogged to myself for a while and then all the sudden I started getting followers -- be patient, keep blogging, and do it for yourself -- like a journal for your craft and your inspirations. Good luck!


  2. Well, just because people don't follow doesn't mean they don't read. I used to never follow blogs. Now I pretty much only do it if they're running a contest and I have to follow to enter.