Monday, January 11, 2010

Acute Total Heart Failure

God do I hate stupid people. I hate people who are so well educated yet they say the stupidest things.

Example: "Acute Total Heart Failure"

Please explain to me how you can kinda-sorta have complete heart failure? Does this make any sense to anyone?

I saw this on TV while watching a show about crazy tumor surgery. I somehow got hungry while watching this and when into my kitchen to get a bagel. My father sat there in his chair asleep. I ended up waking him up because I was laughing so hard at him. (It is expected of my father to get drunk and pass out in his chair on multiple nights.) I explained to him the quote at question. He had a couple of questions to make sure the quote was put into context, one of them being how the word "acute" is used in medical terms. His response was, "Oh, so I can describe someone's child as 'acute little girl'."

This is why I hate my life... ::puts head in hand::

Maybe I don't hate my life, but I say that often.

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