Monday, April 18, 2011

Mansfield, the place where the sun never shines.

Sorry I haven't kept up with this as much as I wanted to. I've been keeping myself rather busy with the usual. Work, boyfriend, tv, you know, the good stuff.

So this week is my vacation in Mansfield. Back to college I go. I came back last December, but it was only for a couple days, and had a friend from home with me. Now I'm back and ready to do what I wanted to do; live, laugh, and love.

My parents dropped me off by 6pm Saturday in the pouring rain. Of course, this is Mansfield: the town where the sun never shines. It's evil, horrid, and I'm still asking myself why this is the place I'd like to vacation at.

So I'm staying with my friends Dan, Linda, and Renee. Dan has been a really good friend for a couple of years (why, I don't know. I've done horrible things to this pour kid.) and he always lets me crash on his couch. Linda and Renee live in the house, and are absolutely wonderful. Within 15 minutes of being in Mansfield, us girls chased Dan around the house with a banana (because he's allergic to them.)

To the left shows the banana on the door. :)

I love this house. So the night continues on with some friends coming over, and me being drunk at 8pm. Go figure. I'm in Mansfield for 2 hours, and I'm hammered. Go me. After hurling into the bushes 4 times, I'm in great shape to go to the bar and run into more people I know. Luckily, I sobered up so I wasn't a hot drunk mess as usual.

Today, Sunday (even though I'm aware it's Monday morning.) we made waffles.... yum, waffles, and Renee's mother came over and talked politics with us. I don't know if any of you know this, but I just don't care about politics. I know I should, and it's important, but I really just don't care to share my beliefs about them with a whole lot of people, and especially not over the Internet. I offend everyone with my political views. However, I was told that Donald Trump's newest wife was apparently born in a communist country. That's awesome. Keep running for president, Mr. Topee.

Then, we got to see.... the baby. One thing I think you should all know about me is that I love a good bet. I don't bet on sports or cards, nothing like that. I like to bet on life situation. I live to bet on life situation. I made a bet with my friend, and the result was that is she gets pregnant and it's a girl, she was to name it after my and my friend Liz. Well, she got pregnant, but it was a boy. His name is Parker. I HATE babies, but this kid was adorable. Go baby Parker!

Here is Parker with his mommy, Amanda. Isn't this adorable!

So when I heard that Amanda and I were meeting up, the first thing I asked was if I could eat baby Parker. I don't know why; it's just a joke I said for years. So what did I try to do upon first seeing him? This.....

This is as close as I came to eating the baby, don't worry.

So now what the weekend is over, I have a week to run into people I'd like to see or have been avoiding like the plague. I can't wait to see what this is like :)

Until next time, guys, don't eat babies, and watch this honey badger.

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